United Engineers

• Hydraulic Multi Tool Systems :

United Engineers, an ISO 9001-2000 company, with the success in manufacturing, Hydraulic Fittings - adapters of various specifications viz. SAE, DIN, BS, Metric; Medium, High pr. Hose Assemblies; Hydraulic Special Equipment and Precision Machined Components; offer Unique and Versatile Portable Hand Tool System for performing various On site operations in forming Bus Bars.The Basic unit, attaced with separate tooling, offer specified operation with extreme ease to the operator.Weighing just over 14 kgs., It's comfortably portable The Bus bar cutting Tool does not form any waste in the form of saw dust, but a whole pieceAlso, this tool can be easily adopted as Portable Hydrulic Bearing / Pulley Puller or Hydraulic PressBench type mode with electrical version is available to suit higher productivity
Hydraulic Multi Tool Systems

• Technical Data

Weight 14kgs. Approx. (Basic Tool)

Length 530 m.m

Force 10,000kgs. Max

Admit 120 m.m.

Bending Capacity 110m.m.(W) X 10m.m2 (Thk.) (Of Tensile Strength 25kgs./mm

Punching Capacity upto 5/8" (16 m.m) Dia.